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Jul 5, 2022

Episode #531

Have you ever stumbled or fallen off track?

Chances are... if you're human, this happens to you often.

The key to being a powerful man is not to never stumble, but it's what you do when you realize you're off track.

In today's episode, we talk about some tools you can use the next time you stumble, that...

Jul 2, 2022

Episode #530

How can you say sorry without giving up your power?

Apologizing to our women is one of the hardest things for us men to do. Usually, we don't apologize when we feel that we haven't done anything wrong.

However, if we really think that we have done something wrong, we tend to do everything we could and lower...

Jun 30, 2022

Episode #529

In a conventional design, men are supposed to be the provider - the one who puts in the work, hustles, and brings home the money.

Women are designed to be at home, do the chores, clean the dishes, clean the whole house, wash the clothes, and take care of the children.

But is your wife actually feeling alone...

Jun 28, 2022

Episode #528

When was the last time you did something most women would classify as romantic?

What would you do if you were trying to win your woman back?

Typically, once men fall in love, they start to put their women on a pedestal in scarcity mode.

When we start to put our women on a pedestal with combined scarcity to...

Jun 25, 2022

Episode #527

Do you know what it's like to be in a relationship with you?

Think about that for a moment.

Unless you have asked your loved ones or they have told you...we don't actually know what it is like to be in a relationship with us.

Oftentimes we think we are showing up in one way, but in reality, a completely...