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Sep 19, 2020

Episode #251

Why do business owners make it hard to move forward with their visions?

Part of being a powerful man is creating a life that you really want to live. Building that life gives you freedom and fulfillment pushed by pleasure rather than pushed by pain.

You can run your entire business in just one dashboard to...

Sep 17, 2020

Episode #250

What is a clearing conversation?

Who should you have a clearing conversation with?

It's about getting on the same page and talking out your unspoken thoughts and feelings, to see and understand each other more clearly.

You can do this for all kinds of people. Start with the people who are closest to you....

Sep 15, 2020

Episode #249

What if your wife wasn’t a bitch?

Your partner was given to you because she is the teacher of your greatest lessons, protecting you from your greatest fears, anxieties, and those things that trigger you so often. And you are there to learn from each other. In partnership, we attract a woman who is meant...

Sep 12, 2020

Episode #248

What's the real problem that you're trying to solve? What is the root cause?

It's easy for men to stop doing the things that they know work when everything is going so well. It's no coincidence when many problems surface at the same time. These are the symptoms that something is wrong. The cure is to get...

Sep 10, 2020

Episode #247

What happens when you stop caring?

When you stop caring, you start to focus more on your purpose. There's nothing sexier for a woman than a man who is purposeful. Being focused like this and doing what you like to do can make you attractive.

Stop trying to please your wife just to get the reaction that you...