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Oct 31, 2020

Episode #269

How is your wife doing? Are you watching out for warning signs? Do you have a methodology to fix problems in your relationship, or to cure your wife's "migraine"?

Identify the pattern and the method,  and do something about it.

This "migraine" causes distance and separation in the relationship. Learn the...

Oct 29, 2020

Episode #268

Women want to be led by a man who knows what he is doing and knows where he is going. Part of this comes from feeling secure with the person who’s leading her. She needs to know that her partner is man enough to be a strong foundation for her and for their family.

In order to become The Powerful Man that...

Oct 27, 2020

Episode #267

How do you check-in? How do you stay connected?

We should keep checking in regularly on people that are important to us because people change day by day.

Are you growing as a man? When was the last time you checked on your wife?

When you start to feel that you're not engaged or feel that it's meaningless to...

Oct 24, 2020

Episode #266

Is your wife adding too much to your plate?

What do you do when your wife is asking you to do so much?

When you feel like your capacity is full, you tend to react quickly and differently. In this kind of situation, it is important to be firm with your boundaries and stand your ground. This will ground her...

Oct 22, 2020

Episode #265

When was the last time you looked at the stars or walked in the park?

When is the last time you did something for yourself?

Often guys feel guilty when they take time for themselves to fill their cup. They don't acknowledge the fact that letting themselves become empty makes them weak, and that's why they...