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Jun 1, 2019

Episode #47

That feeling of matter how hard you always a result of your unconscious commitments.

Unconscious commitments, as defined in this episode, are the things occurring in our lives as repeating patterns that we do not like. If we do not identify these patterns or beliefs that we are unconsciously committed into, it will result in self-sabotage.

A work ethic that is instilled in us is to work hard to be more successful. As a result of an unconscious commitment to this belief, we end up hustling and sacrificing our relationships or personal happiness. We struggle and grind to make more money, believing that this will enable us to prove ourselves to other people that we can also make it. Instead of using or spending money to show off, we should invest it for our personal growth and focus on what will really make us happy.

To end self-sabotage, we should identify the patterns or beliefs that are already programmed into our minds. We should reflect on what we really feel, acknowledge it, and take radical steps to make a change. We get to reprogram these unconscious commitments and change them into more empowering beliefs.

What you will discover in this episode:

  1. What an unconscious commitment is
  2. How unconscious commitments result in self-sabotage
  3. What to do in order to end self-sabotage
  4. How to reprogram your mind from these unconscious commitments


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