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Jun 6, 2019

Episode #49

When business owners feel that they are not good enough and they don't have control over their lives and businesses it transmutes to the people around them. When they feel uncertain, people in the workplace will feel the sense of unease of not being led confidently.

When you feel that you are not enough, you tend to hustle because you think that you should be doing more and better. Hustling, which is frantic energy, will be felt by the people around you and nobody wants to be around someone with frantic energy. If this cycle continues you will eventually feel empty inside, burnout and will experience broken relationships.

Instead of blaming others for the things going on around you, which is a trap many of us fall into, focus on addressing your own issues first. Take a moment to look into where you fell short and do something about it. Find out what triggers you to feel that way about yourself, acknowledge it and do something about it.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. That how you feel about yourself affects the people around you.
  2. How to look into what triggers that feeling of not being enough and acknowledge it.
  3. What causes gaps in leadership.
  4. What triggers the blame game.


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