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May 31, 2022

Episode #516

Are you doing your best to be a better husband to your wife?

Or are you waiting for your wife to take action?

Stop giving your power away and start taking responsibility for your life. It's time to step up... you have more control than you think.

In this episode, Doug and Tim talk about why you need to...

May 28, 2022

Episode #515

Are you an Alpha who knows what's best for you?

Are you willing to join a program that will transform your life?

If you feel something is missing in your life, then you might be looking for a program that can change your life and save your marriage. 

In this episode, we're sharing some stories of men in...

May 26, 2022

Episode #514

Every relationship book, podcast, or video you consume tells you communication is key. That to get through your problems with your have to talk about it. But every time you try to talk to her, it seems like you end up arguing. 

The good news is....there is another way.

When we have problems in...

May 24, 2022

Episode #513

What is the story you have about yourself?

A learned behavior becomes our stories and our stories become our identity. You have to be really careful because your stories are going to dictate how you are feeling.

The idea of being a powerful man is about claiming your own rights and stories.

In this episode,...

May 21, 2022

Episode #512

What will you do to comfort someone who is struggling emotionally?

How will you distract yourself from the pain?

Acknowledge your emotions by letting yourself feel the agonies such as greed, anger, shame, loneliness, and uncertainty. Don't be scared of facing your dark sides because you will learn to...