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Jun 22, 2021

Episode #369

Why do so many successful men wait until the last minute to act?

How has The Activation Method changed Cavan Ramsey's life?

Before The Powerful Man, Cavan was working a good job, earning good money, and enjoying his seemingly wonderful family life. It was great - until things started coming apart.

He realized that he needed to do something different, but he thought he had everything under control. 

One reason why successful men put things off is that they think they're in control of the situation. "Everything is fine and everything will get better." 

When Cavan joined the program, he thought he was going to get all the answers to fix his marriage.

But it is not about fixing things externally. The Activation Method is focused on you and what you're doing - the impact that you have not only on yourself but on everyone close to you.

In this episode, we are going to talk about Cavan Ramsey's journey, why so many successful men wait until the last minute to join The Activation Method, and how TAM has changed his life - it can change yours, too!


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