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Apr 29, 2021

Episode #346

What happens to us when we get envious?

What happens when envy disappears?

When we start getting envious, we start making up stories. Subconsciously, our brain tells us that "we can't have this" and "we can't achieve that".

Envy stops you in your tracks - preventing you from getting the income, body, or relationship that you want. Envy stands in your way and blocks you from achieving your goals.

Instead of engaging in envy, try something different:


Train and program your brain to work that way, too. Something magical happens when you start genuinely congratulating someone on their achievements - you take a piece of that accomplishment for yourself.

When you congratulate and applaud, you get to share in the joy that person feels when they've achieved something. It's abundance, and it's a great place to be.

In this episode, we are going to talk about what happens to us when we get envious, and how to stop being envious and start participating in abundance.


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