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Dec 11, 2018

Episode #009

In this episode, Tim & Doug ask Are you paying the price for past mistakes? Past mistakes or negatives in our lives have a tendency to stay within us in some way and unless you address them and forgive yourself for them they can sabotage your future progress. So many of us go through life without realizing that we are making the same mistakes repeatedly.

Do you ever feel like you are on a never ending treadmill or constantly living in groundhog day?

Do you tell yourself and other people that everything is great when, truthfully it isn’t?

The reason may be that you are sabotaging your own progression due to past mistakes

Tim shares some very personal stories of mistakes and difficult periods in his life, and how he came to terms with and overcame them so that he could become the person he wanted to be.  Central to this was Tim getting a coach, which allowed him to open up to his past mistakes, understand them and move on so that they no longer held him back.

Use this episode to better understand how negative past experiences can hold and how you to can come clean and become the powerful man you want to be.

What you will discover in this episode:

  • The underlying currents and beliefs that can hold you back
  • How to discover where suppressing emotions come from
  • How to stop being a people pleaser and how to be the person you want to be
  • The importance of opening up to your emotions.
  • Ways to come to terms with your past mistakes.


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