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Jan 15, 2019

Episode #013

In this episode Tim & Doug take more examples from people taking part in the ‘The Activation Method’ and common problems and obstacles they face. The focus here is on creating good boundaries with yourself.

So many people struggle with structure and organisation in their business and personal lives because they have failed to create good boundaries. If you have no boundaries or structure your life and business is freewheeling, you will never know what to say yes or no to and you will fall into the trap of people pleasing and other peoples schedules and priorities will run your life instead.

With some really simple techniques, Tim & Doug help you control your boundaries and give structure to each day through planning and keeping boundaries for both business and your personal life.

What you will discover in this episode:

  • How to use free tools like google calendar or ical to create and manage your boundaries.
  • The importance of scheduling time for everything you do.
  • Avoiding people pleasing through boundaries.
  • Making sure your smartphone doesn’t control your day.
  • If you don’t set your own boundaries and schedule, your life will be run by someone else’s.
  • How to give yourself the power to say no.
  • Tim’s typical daily schedule and how it works for his business and personal life.
  • 4 actionable steps to start creating simple boundaries immediately.
  • Controlling the use of your smartphone and learning to turn it off!


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