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Feb 5, 2019

Episode #016

We often think of things we perceive will make us happier in life; a new job, more money a fancy car. The truth is that it’s never actually these materialistic things that make us happy. They may provide a temporary boost in happiness but you will soon look for the ‘next’ thing to make you happy and a never ending cycle ensues.

To truly understand the nature of happiness, you need  to focus on what you have instead of what you want… appreciation!

In this episode Tim & Doug share personal stories and actionable techniques on how to master the art of appreciation to benefit you and the people around you. Tim shares “The power of the basics”, explaining how he has seen people who work extremely hard but no matter how much they achieve it’s never enough. Going back to basics was the answer to being able to practice appreciation. Listen now to find out how you can start feeling more appreciative with some really simple and basic steps.

What you will discover in this episode:

  • How Tim overcame the feeling of being under appreciated in his daily life.
  • The power of the basics, how you can go back to basics to be more grateful.
  • How simple conversation can help with appreciation.
  • Writing and keeping weekly notes to practice appreciation.
  • How to appreciate yourself first.


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