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Jun 19, 2021

Episode #368

When you see a gap in yourself, you work to address it on your path to becoming a better man, right? So why do you hold back from calling out the gaps you see in others?

People fear that they're going to be rejected for pointing out what's going on. If we are a team and we are committed to achieving a goal together, then if we don't call out the gaps that we see in someone else, we're sacrificing our own progress - because as a team we all achieve that one goal together.

A lot of people want to be accepted because they feel that it's safer. Wanting to be liked, accepted, and wanting others to enjoy our company prevents us from stepping in and leading. As a leader, you need to call out the gaps. You have to bear the risk of people not accepting you - so that you can the right thing for yourself and the team.

In this episode, we talk about core values - how to call out the gaps, why people hold back from doing this, how to stop the cycle, and how to lead properly and powerfully.


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