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Apr 23, 2019

Episode #30
In this episode, Doug and Tim discuss the importance of finding and making happiness instead of money.
Every day, we are pushing ourselves so hard in order to make more money and to enjoy life in the next few years. And yet, in order to truly enjoy life, you need to know what will really make you happy. More times than not, it is NOT the money but the experience that will give us sustained happiness. 
Happiness is doing what you want to do and finding purpose in what you do. If you are happy, you will be able to appreciate simple things around you. You will feel grateful for what you have and feel at peace within who you are.
Instead of focusing on making money to prepare and enjoy life in the future, we should focus on experiencing happiness now, not tomorrow, not when we have the money or when we lose weight.
In Doug's coaching experience, he has observed thousands of business people who are happy become more productive and make more money. If you are happy and light, people want to be around you and more people means a larger network, and larger networks will help your business to make more money.
In this episode you will learn :
1. The importance of making happiness instead of money.
2. That happiness is an important key to make more money.
3.  The importance of doing what you want.
4. Finding happiness in the simple things that you have.



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