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Apr 18, 2019

Episode 28
In this episode, Doug and Tim discuss ways on how to deal with employees who are underperforming and has a bad attitude.
Tim and Doug pointed out the importance of ownership and providing opportunities to employees in order to rule out problems like this within a team.
In cases like this, the employer or the boss should identify the root cause of why the employee underperforms and is unhappy. One way to find out is to open up a conversation, clear out misunderstandings and address the concerns right away. Take ownership. Know their morning routines, look into the availability of the tools necessary in performing their job, take into consideration their personal problems, or review their KPI because they might just not be the right person for the job.
You should also examine the kind of leadership your company has. Poor leadership style oftentimes is the reason for low employee retention and satisfaction. Lack of motivation also plays a big role in why an employee underperforms and loses passion for his/her job.
To address this, a clear road map should be presented to them so that this will serve as their motivation to perform well and achieve their goal such as promotion. Engage them also to activities where they can share their talents. By giving them opportunities like this, they will feel valued. As a result, they will become more productive and satisfied in doing their job.
In this episode you will learn:
  • How to improve employee retention, productivity, and satisfaction.
  • Importance of motivation in the workplace.
  • Giving value and consideration to the needs of our employees.
  • Importance of a good leadership style.
  • How opportunities and rewards within the company improve the performance of employees.
  • Importance of organizational chart, KPIs and knowing who is the person right for the job.


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