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Jul 20, 2019

Episode #68

Many of us have sworn we would never do things the way our father did...and yet some of those are things we are unconsciously doing. 

The things that we were complaining about our father in the past is what we are living right now without realizing it.

These things have become patterns of ours that keep showing up, but we refuse to acknowledge it. 

It's time to break the patterns that are holding us back and create new behaviors that we would be proud to have our own children model. 


In this episode, we dive DEEP into the conversation around the patterns we have picked up from our fathers, how that has affected us, how that has affected those around us, and HOW to make the shifts that will free us from these ineffective patterns. 

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How your patterns will affect your children in living their lives
  • How these unchanged patterns lead to broken relationships
  • How to break the patterns we learned from our father and be a model to our children
  • Recognizing the problem and raising your standards
  • Knowing what kind of father you want your children to become someday


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