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Jul 22, 2021

Episode #382

What would you say an average guy is going through?

Do they feel stuck? Are they trapped in a cycle, playing out generational patterns and unable to break free?

A lot of men get home and they don't get much affection from their wives. They experience this "roommate" syndrome - living with their spouse without the romantic love vibe that they had at the beginning of their marriage.

This is agonizing for them. In their head, they start to question themselves. Those thoughts are what lead to them neglecting themselves and self-sabotaging even more. This cycle continues until the foundation of their marriage begins to crumble beneath them. 

How can you break the cycle?

Figure out what your best assets are and invest in them. Invest time and energy to better yourself. If you neglect that, your house will have the kind of shaky foundation that no amount of counseling can repair.

In this episode, we're talking about what the average guy is going through right now, why they feel stuck, and why they end up self-sabotaging. We'll also discuss the importance of breaking generational patterns for yourself and your kids, top fears guys have, and how to make your spouse desire you again.


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