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Feb 26, 2019

Episode #019

How often do you think about things that you want or feel the need to do but put them off?

In this episode Tim & Doug present another incredibly motivating 30 minutes of audio about how we fall into the trap of procrastinating and putting things off with excuses and lies that we tell ourselves.

“The beggar and the billionaire have the same amount of time in the day” is a quote reference by Tim in this episode to try and explain why we need to stop using time and other things as an excuse not to do things in your life. If your instinct and your subconscious are constantly reminding you to do things it must be with good reason, but if you put them things off all you are doing is damaging yourself, your relationship or your business.

How often do people wait until things are broken to fix them? Discover how you can improve on things by working on them while they are good to break away from the constant cycle of going through bad days to good days, stress and anxiety...Enjoy a life of good days and great days!

Tim explains process of “Feel - Act - Feedback” instead of “Feel - Think - Think….”

Not acting on your instinct, beliefs and inspiration causes you to constantly question it to a point where you will scare yourself out of acting. In this episode Tim & Doug will tell you how, if you act on inspiration NOW, your life will change forever.

What you will discover in this episode:

  • What makes you put things you want to do off
  • How to get over the barrier of putting these things off
  • How your business is directly affected by your procrastination.
  • The BIGGEST change Tim discovered that changed his life.
  • The constant cycle we fall into of being inspired but failing to take full action.
  • How to trust your gut instinct and how it can change everything
  • Actionable exercises to stop procrastinating and start living a more fulfilling life.


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