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Jan 22, 2019

Episode #014

In this episode, Doug shares a story of someone who came to him with a troubled relationship from which Doug was able to identify a clear pattern which was occurring not just in this man’s current relationship but also in previous ones. The man was giving everything in his relationship, but in turn never felt like he was getting enough back.

At the heart of this troubled relationship was fear. The man feared losing his partner and being on his own, so gave he constantly tried to fill the cup of his partner, buying her gifts and doing everything to please her, subsequently he was not giving enough love to himself so was always playing catch up.

Tim & Doug outline the utmost importance of finding the time to give love to yourself and not to depend on it from someone else. A negative relationship will always damage your business side of life as well as the energy from all sides of your life is linked.

What you will discover in this episode:

How it always starts with YOU not someone else.

  • Understanding and avoiding a co-dependent relationship.
  • How to recognize relationship patterns.
  • How your negative impact other parts of your life like business and health.
  • How to break the patterns with conversation.
  • Taking ownership and how to discuss patterns with your partner.
  • Actionable tips for identifying and shifting the patterns of relationship.


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