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Jan 26, 2021

Episode #306

Has your marriage gone cold?

Are you missing those steamy sex nights? Has it been a few days, weeks...or even months?

How can you reignite that spark?

The most effective way in bringing back that spark is simple: COMMUNICATION. Are you still having deep conversations with your wife? Or are you letting your business or your job consume all your energy? Prioritize that regular connection time.

Spice things up. Create a sense of mystery. Cultivate an environment, an atmosphere, for sex.

Make an effort. Seek out opportunities to give her compliments, and always remember that first moment you and your wife made love.

In this episode, listen to Tim and Doug and learn what they have to say about how you can reignite your relationship in the bedroom. Don't let your relationship continue to be cold. Man up and win back your wife.


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